How to calculate age from the date of birth?

First of all to calculate age we need the exact date of your birthday and today's date (time also if need a detailed difference). Today is 04/25/2018 and the exact time is 23 hours 53 minutes and 34 seconds.

Note: If you just want to calculate age and do not care about the calculation details and do not want to read our age calculation formula explanation, please visit our site's age calculator tool by clicking on the age calculator menu item.

The formula for calculating the time difference between the two dates is a simple subtraction and as with all subtractions we start from the most right unit.

For a detailed age calculation you will have to do these steps:

Calculating age (elapsed time between two dates) rules:

How to calculate age at a given date?

To calculate age between a birth date and a given date is the same as calculating age between today's date and the birth date. The only difference here is that we need to use the given date instead of today's date. Simply follow the steps described above to get the difference between two dates.

If you wish to find a date for a given age, instead of subtraction use addition and the result will be the wanted date.